二十笔实用成语 1238

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二十笔实用成语 1238

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二十笔实用成语 1238

01. correct me if I am wrong
定义: 如果我说错了请指正.
例句: Correct me if I'm wrong, Sam, but isn't it your responsibility to make sure these bugs are fixed prior to deliver the software package? (山姆, 如果我说错了请你纠正, 可是在交付这套软件之前务必要把这些错误加以更正, 难道不是你的责任吗?)

02. drop it!
定义: 别再提它(某事)! 就此打住! 把武器放下来!
例句: I don't want to talk about my ex anymore! Drop it! (我不想再谈论我的前妻了! 咱们就此打住吧!)

03. on ice
定义: 肯定会成功; 推迟, 延迟; 谋杀某人; 冷冻, 冰藏; 被拘留或隔离监禁.
例句: The shrimp cocktail is on ice, the chicken is in the oven. Help yourself when you're hungry. (虾冷盘放在冰上冰镇着, 烤鸡在烤箱里保温着. 你要是饿了就把它们拿出来吃吧)

04. check with your doctor first
定义: 先征得你的医师同意. (注: 在使用或停止服用任何药品之前, 使用者都需要先跟他们医师咨询一下, 再决定下一步行动)
例句: If you want to stop taking your medicine, check with your doctor first. (如果你想停止服药, 请先征得你的医师同意)

05. business is business
定义: 在商言商, 不涉及私人交情; 公事公办, 不可循私.
例句: You're only being traded because the team needs to dump some salaries. It's nothing personal, business is business. (你之所以被交换只是因为球队需要减少一些薪水开支. 这是在商言商, 不涉及私人交情. 注: 这里的trade乃是将你队里的一名球员与另一支球队的一名球员互相交换)

06. give me a break
定义: 再给我一次机会吧; 请你再考虑考虑吧; 帮帮忙, 饶了我, 停一停, 别烦我; 拜托, 别吹牛了, 我才不相信你.
例句: Guys, I told you I needed you to be quiet for five minutes while I made a call, and you couldn't even do it for 10 seconds! Give me a break, will you? (伙伴们, 我不是告诉你们我打电话的时候需要你们安静五分钟, 但你们连十秒钟都做不到! 帮帮忙, 消停一下, 好吗?)

07. catch you later
定义: 以后再聊; 回头见; 再见.
例句: I have to go now. Catch you later. (我非得走了. 以后再聊)

08. catch you on the flip side
定义: 以后再聊; 回头见; 再见.
例句: Thanks for having me over, but I'd better head out now. I'll catch you on the flip side! (谢谢你邀请我过来, 但我必须马上就离开了. 以后再聊)

09. be seeing you
定义: 再见.
例句: "Thanks for such a fun night! See you later!" "Be seeing you!" ("谢谢你让我度过了一个愉快的夜晚! 再会!" "再见!")

10. goodbye for now
定义: 再见; 告辞.
例句: OK, it's past my bedtime. Good-bye for now. (好了, 我该睡觉了. 明天见)

11. as if (one's) life depends on it
定义: 攸关生死存亡; 极为重要.
例句: This project could very well determine the future of the company, so start working as if your lives depend on it! (这项工程很可能是决定公司未来兴衰的关键, 所以大家要努力以赴就好像是进行一件关乎生死存亡的大事!)

12. don't let the door hit your butt/ass on the way out
定义: 要走就快走, 免得被门打到臀部. (注: 意指很高兴看到某人离开所说的刻薄话)
例句: I couldn't be happier that Tom's leaving the firm, he was a nuisance here anyway. Don't let the door hit his ass on the way out! (汤姆要离开公司了, 我高兴得不得了, 反正他在这里也是个讨人嫌的人. 要走就快走, 免得被门打到他的屁股!)

13. don't put all your eggs in one basket
定义: 切莫孤注一掷. (注: 意指不要把所有的资源都集中在一处; 要分散风险)
例句: I know you love Harvard, but don't put all your eggs in one basket; make sure to apply to several other schools too. (我知道你热爱哈佛, 但切莫孤注一掷; 为了安全起见, 你也该申请其他几所学校)

14. don't nickel-and-dime me
定义: 别一点一滴地把我榨干; 别跟我锱铢必较.
例句: Unlike other companies, we charge a flat fee so we won't nickel-and-dime you to death. (与其他公司不同, 我们收取固定费用, 因此我们不会不停地向你收取琐碎费用)

15. come off it, to
定义: 别装傻; 别假正经; 别装高贵了; 别再坚持了; 算了吧.
例句: Come off it! You're wrong, and you know it! (算了吧! 你错了, 你自己也知道你错了!)

16. knock oneself out, to
定义: 把自己累坏了; 玩/吃/喝得痛快; 你爱怎样, 随便你.
例句: We don't get overtime, so there's no reason to stay. But if Joan wants to, she can knock herself out. (我们没有加班费, 所以没有理由留下来. 但如果琼愿意留下来继续工作的话,她可以爱做多久就做多久)

17. choke up, to
定义: 哽咽, 想哭, 难过得说不出话; 扼住, 抑制住, 阻止; 噎住, 卡在喉咙; 怯场, 无法正常表现; 握紧.
例句: One thing that really choked me up and brought tears to my eyes was the kindness and innocence of these amazing students. (真正让我哽咽并让我热泪盈眶的一件事是这些了不起的学生的善良和纯真)

18. choked up, be/get
定义: 哽咽, 想哭, 难过得说不出话.
例句: I thought I would be able to give the eulogy, but I became so choked up that I couldn't do it. (我本以为我可以致悼词, 但我过于悲伤难过, 不能成声了, 以致无法致悼词)

19. don't make a scene
定义: 别在公共场合出丑或大吵大闹; 别无理取闹.
例句: Oh, Tom, please don't make a scene. Just forget about what I said. (哦, 汤姆, 请不要在公共场合大吵大闹. 算了, 就当我什么话都没说)

20. don't rock the boat
定义: 别多事, 别添麻烦, 别制造问题. (注: 意指多一事不如少一事)
例句: The situation is quite risky as it is, so don't rock the boat until we are in the clear. (目前的情况对我们相当不利, 因此在我们在被认定为无罪之前, 不要惹是生非)



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