二十笔实用成语 15

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二十笔实用成语 15

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二十笔实用成语 15

01. address the issues, to
定义: 针对这些问题.
例句: What are some of the strategies and tactics that each leader is using to address the issues at hand? (有哪些战略和战术每一个领导人使用来针对这些目前的问题?)

02 adhere to, to
定义: 支持, 坚持, 遵守.
例句: For generations they have not numbered more than one or two hundred, but they still adhere to their ancient faith and maintain their ancient rites and ceremonies. (数代以来, 他们的人数从未超过一两百人, 但他们仍然遵循他们的古老信仰以及维持他们古代传下来的典礼与仪式)

03 administer to, to
定义: 有助于, 给予, 照顾.
例句: Sometimes, medicine can be difficult to administer to a cat. (喂猫吃药有时是困难的)

04 admit defeat, to
定义: 认输, 承认失败.
例句: French education minister finally admits defeat in battle against the English language. (法国教育部长在对抗英语入侵法国的战斗上承认失败)

05 admit of, to
定义: 容许, 接受; 有可能.
例句: Men just don't want to admit of anything that takes away from the macho image. (男人们决不愿意允许任何剥夺他们男子气概形象的事情)

06 admit someone to/into the club, to
定义: 接受, 接纳某人成为俱乐部一员.
例句: Only then we can admit him into the club as official members and accord full assistance. (只有在这个时候我们接纳他成为俱乐部一员并给予他全力协助)

07 admit that you've got a problem, to
定义: 承认你自己面临了问题.
例句: I believe in redemption, but the first step to getting redemption is you've got to admit that you've got a problem. (我相信自我救赎, 但取得救赎的第一步是你必须要承认你自己面临了问题)

08 admit to, to
定义: 承认...为事实, 认错.
例句: Later, he said, nearly half the class would admit to taking so-called "study drugs" medications like Ritalin to help them focus during the exam. (后来, 他说, 几乎班上一半的学生承认服用所谓的"读书药品"像利他林来帮助他们在考试时候集中精神)

09 admitted to the hospital, be
定义: 被送进医院. (注: 经常被简化为be admitted, 例如He was admitted yesterday, 他昨天被送到医院)
例句: John was admitted to the hospital for a coronary bypass on Wednesday. (约翰于星期三被送入医院做冠状动脉通管手术)

10. adopt ... mind-set, to
定义: 采取某种心态.
例句: Adopting a growth mind-set helps those students remain engaged and achieve well, even in the face of stereotypes. (即使在面对别人的成见之下, 采用增长发展的心态帮助这些学生全心投入与获得成功)

11 adopt the same strategy, to
定义: 采用同一个策略.
例句: The Catholic Church has adopted the same strategy that terrorists use; give us what we want, or we will destroy you. (天主教教会也采用跟恐怖份子同一样的策略; 给我们想要的东西, 不然我们就会摧毁你)

12 adorable little girl, an
定义: 可爱的, 漂亮的, 人见人爱的小女孩.
例句: But when they finally pulled back the blanket in public, we were just taken with this adorable little girl who looked like the best of both her parents. (但是最后当我们当众拉开毛毯后, 我们惊喜地看到这个人见人爱的小女孩, 看起来好像她继承了她父母双方的优点)

13 adrenaline flash, an
定义: 刺激感, 冒险激发的快感.
例句: The adrenaline flash of driving at breakneck speeds, the pressure of fierce competition, the dread of losing control, and the intense concentration needed to harness the potential of speeding car. (发挥驾驭飞速汽车的潜能, 需要极速驾驶的冒险快感, 激情竞争压力, 失去控制的恐惧以及强烈的精神集中)

14 adrenaline rush, an
定义: 刺激感, 冒险激发的快感.
例句: All men, especially young men, need an adrenaline rush, something women cannot quite understand. (所有男人, 尤其是年轻男子, 需要刺激感, 这是女人所不能理解的事情)

定义: [网路术语]非对称数位用户线路. (注: ADSL是Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line的缩写)
例句: ADSL speeds may vary depending on your individual contract with or services offered by your service provider. (非对称数位用户线路的速度依照你的个人合同或你的服务供应商所提供的服务有所不同)

16 advance booking, an
定义: 预订.
例句: This optional requires advance booking and payment at least 20 days prior to departure. (这个选项规定要在出发时间至少二十天以前预约以及预付)

17 advance one's agendas, to
定义: 推进他们的议程或计画.
例句: I have been frustrated as some groups have used the public school to advance their agendas because the patrons are a captive audience. (我一直挫折感很重, 由于数群人使用公立学校来推进他们的计画因为他们的赞助人成为了他们所蛊惑的听众)

18 advance to employees, the
定义: 给员工的预支.
例句: Sometimes, a one-time advance to employees who want a little extra cash to help bridge their personal cash flow gap is helpful and appreciated. (有时候, 一次性的员工预支给予他们需要一点多余的金钱来弥补他们个人的现金短缺, 此举是有助益的, 也是令人感激的)

19 advance vs. advanced
定义: [易混淆字或片语]advance(形容词)预先, 事先, 在前沿的; advanced(形容词)高级的, 先进的, 年老的.

20. advance warning, an
定义: 预警, 事先警告.
例句: Advance warning signals are installed upstream of high-speed signalized intersections to warn motorists of impending signal changes. (预警讯号安装于高速讯号交叉路口的上游用来预告车友前面将要改变的交通讯号)



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