二十笔实用成语 878

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二十笔实用成语 878

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二十笔实用成语 878

01. play the giddy goat, to
定义: 胡闹, 不正经, 装疯卖傻.
例句: If you continue to play the giddy goat, you're going to have to leave the classroom. (如果你还要胡闹下去的话, 你就必须离开这间教室)

02. play the heavy, to
定义: 唱黑脸, 做恶人.
例句: My wife is all cuddles and kisses with the kids, then I have to play the heavy when they misbehave. (我太太总是跟儿女又拥抱又亲吻的, 因此当他们不乖的时候, 我只好唱黑脸, 做恶人)

03. play the market, to; play the stock market, to
定义: 做股票, 炒股票.
例句: Tom got rich playing the market in the early 2000s, but he got greedy and ended up losing nearly everything. (汤姆在两千年代初期藉由炒股票而致富, 但他变得贪得无厌, 最后把所有的财富几乎输光)

04. play the part/role of ..., to
定义: 扮演...角色; 作为某个身份.
例句: I've played the part of the devoted wife and mother, and now I want to do something more with my life. (我一直身为一名忠诚爱家的妻子和母亲, 而今天我想要让我自己的生活更多彩多姿)

05. play the race card, to
定义: 玩种族牌, 操纵种族之间的矛盾.
例句: There you go playing the race card again. I don't care if you're purple or green – I still think it's a bad policy! (你又来玩这套种族矛盾牌. 我才不在乎你的肤色是紫色还是绿色的– 我还是认为这是一个错误政策!)

06. play the/one's trump card, to
定义: 打出手中王牌, 使出撒手鐗.
例句: Play your trump card. Tell them we can get the financing within two weeks. (打出你手中王牌. 告诉他们我们两个星期之内就可以取得融资贷款)

07. play to, to
定义: 迎合某人口味或喜好; 善加利用.
例句: Our coach wants us to play to win, not play to the crowd. (我们教练要我们赢得比赛, 而不是要我赢得观众的喜爱)

08. play to the gallery, to
定义: 极力取得观众或人们的激赏, 支持.
例句: Rather than acting in a way that best suits the role and the play as a whole, he prefers to play to the gallery and soak up the spotlight when he can. (不以最佳方式扮演好这个角色和整出戏剧为目标来演出, 他却宁愿极力地取得观众激赏, 尽量地享受观众的观注)

09. play tough, to
定义: (比赛或游戏)动作粗暴; 来硬的.
例句: If you want to play tough, we can play tough too. We're not as confused and divided as we look! (如果你想要来硬的话, 我们也可以来硬的. 我们并不像外表上看去的那种杂乱无章和一盘散沙的样子)

10. play up to someone, to
定义: 极力讨好, 巴结某人.
例句: He is always playing up to his boss so he can leave work early. (他总是极力巴结他的老板这样他就可以提早下班)

11. play up, to
定义: 过份夸张或强调其重要性; 过份吹捧.
例句: Everyone plays the film up as this timeless, flawless classic, but I've always thought it to just be a confusing mess. (大家都极力吹捧这部电影为永恒地美好, 毫无瑕疵的经典电影, 但是我总认为它只不过是一部拍得乱七八糟的电影)

12. play with a full deck, to
定义: 神智健全, 精神清爽.
例句: Mary's boyfriend is a nice enough guy, but some of the ridiculous things he says – I don't think he's playing with a full deck. (玛丽的男友还算是个不错男人, 但是他说得一些荒诞不经的事情– 我不相信他是在神智健全情况下说的)

13. play with fire, to
定义: 玩火自焚, 冒险, 火中取粟, 铤而走险.
例句: You are playing with fire if you get involved with those people. (如果你跟这些人搅和在一起的话, 你无异是玩火自焚)

14. play/raise/wreak havoc with, to
定义: 制造问题, 紊乱, 伤害, 摧毁.
例句: The road closures have played havoc with rush-hour traffic. (这条道路的关闭给交通高峰时间带来了极大的不方便)

15. plead no contest, to
定义: [法律术语]放弃抗辩. (注: 意指被起诉时的被告可用之一个选择即为不为所指控的罪抗争. 实际上不抗辩跟承认有罪很接近)
例句: Tom was sentenced to three years of probation Tuesday after he pleaded no contest to driving under the influence. (星期二, 在他向庭上请求放弃抗辩他的酒后驾驶指控之后, 汤姆被判处了三年缓刑)

16. plead for forgiveness, to
定义: 请求原谅.
例句: If you plead for forgiveness and your ex is still not willing to forgive you, it means the wounds are deeper than you think! (如果你请求你前妻的原谅, 而她仍旧不愿意原谅你的话, 这意味着她受的伤害比你想像得还要深!)

17. plead for help, to
定义: 恳求帮助.
例句: I plead for help, to you who caused my suffering, and you don't even bother to respond to my predicament! (我向你这个造成我痛苦的人恳求帮助, 你连回应我所处的困境都懒得一顾!)

18. plead guilty, to
定义: 认罪.
例句: The defendant avoided a possible death sentence by pleading guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter. (经由向庭上承认较轻的过失杀人罪, 这名被告避免了一场有可能被判处死刑的劫数)

19. plead ignorance, to
定义: 拿无知当借口.
例句: And don't try to plead ignorance as an excuse, either. If you fail to do the things the law requires of you, it's your problem. (还有你也别拿无知当借口. 如果你未能履行法律所规定你所该做的事情, 那是你的问题)

20. plead one's case, to
定义: 在法庭上为自己辩护.
例句: Don't talk to me, talk to my lawyer. She will plead my case. (别跟我说, 跟我律师去说. 她会在法庭上为我辩护)



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