二十笔实用成语 11

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二十笔实用成语 11

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二十笔实用成语 11

01. accuse someone of lying, to
定义: 指控某人撒谎.
例句: Don't accuse me of lying and question my intentions. (你别指控我撒谎, 还有质疑我的动机)

02. accused, the
定义: [法律术语]被告.
例句: The accused is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. (被告在证明有罪之前应假设无罪)

03. accusing look, an
定义: 谴责的眼神.
例句: The accusing look in her eyes conveyed her sense of betrayal. (她眼中的谴责眼神传达出被人背叛的感觉)

04. accustomed to, be
定义: 习惯于, 适应于.
例句: I've grown accustomed to my girlfriend. Does this mean I don't love her? (我对我的女朋友已经习以为常. 这是否意味我不爱她? 注: 这里的accustomed to是指他对他的女有已经失去新鲜感或爱情的火花已经熄灭了)

05. ace in the hole, an
定义: 稳操胜券, 袖握秘密王牌, 秘密武器, 绝窍.
例句: Sam's ace in the hole is honesty which his clients soon discover. (山姆的绝窍是诚实, 他的客户不需多久就发现到)

06. ace it, to
定义: 成功地完成, 获得高分.
例句: I'm sure he'll ace it when he takes that bar exam. (我确定他会在律师资格考试上获得高分)

07. ace out, to
定义: 击败.
例句: My buddy, the one I told you about, wanted to go but we were aced out by the weather. (我的好友, 也就是我告诉你的那一位, 想要去但我们被恶劣天气所阻止. 注: 这里的aced out本意是defeated, 但我们不能把它当击败翻译, 我们却可以把它解释为obstructed, 也就是阻止)

08. ace up one's sleeve, an
定义: 稳操胜券, 袖握秘密王牌, 秘密武器, 绝招.
例句: But I had an ace up my sleeve now and the manager's words didn't bother me one bit. (但是我当时稳操胜券而经理的一些话并不造成我丝毫的困扰)

09. ace, an
定义: 成功出色的人, 王牌战机飞行员. (注: 成为王牌战机飞行员必须要打下至少五架敌机)
例句: We will make you an ace at teaching English, using our easy step-by-step system, without years of endless frustration. (使用我们按部就班系统, 不需要多年无休止的挫折, 我们会让你成为英语教学的成功出色者)

10. achieve its desired effect, to
定义: 达到它预期的效果.
例句: In contrast, a study of drug effectiveness investigates whether, in the real world, a drug in fact achieves its desired effect. (相比之下, 一个药物效果的研究正调查是否, 在真实世界里, 一个药物实际上能达到它预期的效果)

11. achieve some measure of success, to
定义: 达到某种程度的预期成功或进展.
例句: Jan expressed her gratitude to all those who helped her achieve her measure of success and regain control of her life. (珍表达她对那些帮助她达成预期程度的成功与重得新生的亲友们她的感恩)

12. achieve your financial dreams, to
定义: 实现你的财务富裕梦想.
例句: In order to achieve your financial dreams, you need to be realistic in setting a target and be honest with yourself. (为了实现你的财务梦想, 你必须要设立一个现实的目标和诚实地面对自己)

13. Achilles' heel, an
定义: 致命伤, 软肋, 罩门.
例句: Skimming revenue before it enters the accounting system can be the Achilles' heel of the audit. (在帐务资料输进会计系统之前谎报收入乃是查帐的致命伤)

14. aching to ..., be
定义: 急于想要...
例句: I'm aching to go out and lend a hand but I know I would only be in the way. (我急于想站出来帮助别人, 但是我知道我只会妨碍到别人. 注: 这句话是指我可能帮不上什么忙, 而且我反而会帮倒忙)

15. acid
定义: 即为LSD, 一种迷幻剂的毒品.
例句: Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), commonly referred to as “acid”, is a synthetic hallucinogen. (麦角酸二乙胺, 简称LSD并普称为'酸', 是一种迷幻剂)

16. acid rain
定义: 酸雨. (注: 意指气状污染物或粒状污染物随着雨水落到地面)
例句: Acid rain is a rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually acidic; it can have harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals, and infrastructure through the process of wet deposition. (酸雨是一种不寻常酸度的降雨; 经由湿沉降过程, 它会造成对植物, 水中动物, 及基础建设的伤害)

17. acid test, the
定义: 酸性试验, 严峻的考验, 决定性考验.
例句: The new team faced its first acid test when it played the national champions. (当它竞逐全国冠军赛时, 这个新队伍面对了它的第一个严峻考验)

18. ack-ack
定义: [俚语]防空高射枪炮, 防空高射炮火.
例句: Ten Flying Fortresses were riddled by ack-ack and enemy pursuit, but not one was shot down and not one was cracked up. (十架空中堡垒轰炸机被敌人的防空高射炮火和追逐敌机打得弹孔累累,但是没有一架被击落, 也没有一架被打破裂)

19. acquiesce in, to
定义: 默许, 被动接受.
例句: I may be forced to acquiesce in these recent developments, but I can hardly be expected to make merry over them. (我也许可以被人逼迫接受这些近日来的事情发展, 但我不太可能被要求去欢庆这些事情)

20. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
定义: [医学术语]艾滋病, 后天免疫力缺乏症候群.
例句: Recently, the number of AIDS patients has been increasing rapidly in many countries. (近来, 许多国家爱滋病人的人数一直迅速增加)



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