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二十笔实用成语 827

发表于 : 周四 8月 01, 2019 4:18 pm
二十笔实用成语 827

01. on the dole
定义: 接受政府社会补助.
例句: The area is very poor and there are many residents on the dole. (这个地区非常贫穷, 有许多居民接受政府社会补助)

02. on the dot
定义: 准时的.
例句: If we don't leave the house at 6 o'clock on the dot, we'll miss our flight. (如果我们不在六点钟准时离开的话, 我们将会赶不上我们的班机)

03. on the double!
定义: [命令语气]动作快! 快点!
例句: Get over here right now – on the double! (你现在就过来 – 快点!)

04. on the down low
定义: 保守秘密; 保守男同性恋秘密.
例句: Keep this on the down low, Janet is planning to break up with Kevin next week. (你要保守这个秘密, 珍妮特打算要跟凯文下个礼拜分手)

05. on the downside
定义: 当考虑到不利的一面.
例句: A person who expects the worst and looks on the downside of things. (一个总是希望最坏情况发生的人, 想的永远是负面的事情)

06. on the driver's side
定义: 在驾驶员的一边. (注: 在美国, 你跟别人指出车子的左边或右边会令人疑惑混淆, 人家一定会问你到底是驾驶员的一边还是on the passenger's side, 乘客的一边来确定车子的哪一边; 请切记)
例句: The trooper then fired three shots at the rear tire on the driver's side. The woman drove a short distance and then stopped. (这名州警察因此对准驾驶员一侧的后轮胎发射三枪. 这名女子开了一小段路之后将车子停下来)

07. on the edge
定义: 处于危险, 不稳定之情况; 处于冒险刺激的状态.
例句: When the stock market crashed, their whole future was on the edge. (股市崩盘之后, 他们整个前途陷入岌岌可危之境)

08. on the edge of ...
定义: 濒临..., 将要...
例句: He was on the edge of saying something when the phone rang. (他正准备要说什么事的时候电话铃声响了)

09. on the edge of one's chair/seat
定义: 紧张, 刺激, 焦虑盼望.
例句: I've been on the edge of my chair waiting for my acceptance letter. (我一直焦虑地等待我的录取通知单)

10. on the eve of ...
定义: 某个事件发生之前; 在...的前夕.
例句: She got cold feet on the eve of her wedding and got on a plane to Europe. (她在婚礼的前夕突然临阵退缩, 搭乘飞往欧洲的班机离开)

11. on the face of it
定义: 从表面上看, 基于现有的证据看.
例句: On the face of it, her proposal seems ridiculous – maybe it will sound better when we learn more about it. (从表面上看, 她的建议书看起来荒谬不堪– 如果我们对它多加了解的话, 也许会发现它是言之有理)

12. on the factory floor
定义: 工厂车间, 厂房, 生产地.
例句: I spent nearly 10 years on the factory floor before they offered a position in the management team. (在他们给予我一份管理团队的职务之前, 我在工厂车间里工作将近十年了)

13. on the far side of
定义: 超过, 超越.
例句: I know the fact that she's on the far side of 40, no husband, no children, no adopted children. (我所知道的事实是她年龄超过四十, 没有丈夫, 没有儿女, 也没有领养的子女)

14. on the fence
定义: 尚未决定, 尚未承诺, 左右不定, 中立.
例句: I'm on the fence about whether I should continue school or get a full-time job. (我还在考虑是否要继续进修还是找一份全职工作)

15. on the fiddle
定义: 从事非法诈欺行为.
例句: My career will be over if anyone ever finds out I was on the fiddle during my time as the company treasurer. (如果任何人发现我在任职公司财务主管期间从事非法诈欺活动的话, 我的生涯将就此结束)

16. on the first of May or any month
定义: 在五月一日或者任何一个月的头一天.
例句: I have made an appointment for you to see me on the first of January next year. If you have any problems before then, call my office. (我已经帮你预约明年一月一日来看我. 在此之前如果你碰到任何问题, 打电话给我办公室)

17. on the flat
定义: [英国]在平坦地上的.
例句: Overtaking the next cyclist on an Alpine climb is a dozen times harder than on the flat. (在高山爬坡路上追上另一名自行车赛手要比平地追赶对手难上十几倍)

18. on the flip side
定义: 从反面或另一方面来看.
例句: On the flip side, among the students who were better at reading than at math, 68% were girls and 32% were boys. (反过来说, 阅读能力比数学能力更强的学生中, 68%是女生, 32%是男生)

19. on the fly
定义: 迅速, 临时想出, 毫无准备; 忙碌, 来去匆匆; [棒球术语]球仍在空中(未着地).
例句: I ran into my boss in town, so I had to think up an excuse on the fly as to why I wasn't at work. (我在市区里不巧碰到了老板, 因此我必须临时想出一个理由来作为搪塞我为什么没在上班的借口)

20. on the fringes
定义: 在...的边缘; 非主流, 外围份子, 激进的; 担当次要角色.
例句: He's a really smart guy, but some of his ideas are really on the fringe. (他确实是个聪明的人, 但他的一些想法也确实相当非主流)