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二十笔实用成语 933

发表于 : 周五 12月 11, 2020 8:52 am
二十笔实用成语 933

01. rip apart, to
定义: 撕裂, 撕碎; 弄得乱成一团; 伤害, 破坏, 毁坏; 痛责, 严斥.
例句: I know there's a stereotype that sharks will rip swimmers apart the moment they have the chance, but this is simply not true. (我知道有一种先入为主的观念认为鲨鱼一旦抓到机会便会把游泳者撕成碎片,但这完全不是事实)

02. rip into, to
定义: 撕裂, 攻击; 痛责, 严斥.
例句: The raccoons ripped into the trash bags, scattering papers and stuff all over the street. (这群浣熊撕裂垃圾袋, 将纸屑和废弃物散落在街上, 到处都是垃圾)

03. rip off, to
定义: 偷窃; 盗版, 偷抄袭; 欺骗, 诈欺, 敲竹杠.
例句: I'm tired of being ripped off by the mechanic shops in my local area. (我实在不愿再被本地修车厂诈欺骗钱)

04. rip on someone, to
定义: 取笑, 嘲讽, 奚落某人; 找某人麻烦.
例句: I know they don't mean any harm with the way they rip on me, but my friends' comments can be pretty hurtful at times. (我知道他们这样地嘲讽, 奚落我并不是有意要伤害我, 但我这些朋友对我的评论有时候真是很伤人)

05. rip up, to
定义: 撕毁, 撕成碎片.
例句: He began ripping the ticket up that had been left on his windshield for parking in a disabled spot. (由于他把车子停在伤残人使用的停车位, 他便把留在挡风玻璃上的罚单撕成碎片)

06. ripe for picking/plucking, be
定义: 轻易取得; 正临时机成熟或遇上了完美的机会, 可以采收或收获.
例句: Assert our brand early and aggressively enough, and this new market will be ripe for the picking. (及早推出我们品牌形象并且还能充分地有效推动知名度, 这个新兴市场将可轻而易举地占领)

07. ripe old age, a
定义: 高龄晚年.
例句: All I want at the end of my life is to die at a ripe old age surrounded by my family. (我所想要的是活到高龄晚年, 临终之际儿孙都围绕跟前)

08. rip-off artist, a
定义: 骗徒.
例句: Be wary of rip-off artists who send emails claiming to be a bank and asking for your online login information. (小心骗徒假借银行名义发出电子邮件要求你提供你的网上登录资料)

09. ripple of fear/excitement, a
定义: 突然令人感到一阵袭来的恐惧/兴奋.
例句: A ripple of fear spread through the room. (屋内人们突然感到一阵袭来的恐惧气氛)

10. ripple of laughter/applause, a
定义: 此起彼落的笑声或掌声.
例句: The pastor evoked ripples of laughter and tears of sentiment. (这名牧师的话引起了此起彼落的笑声和感伤之泪)

11. rip-snorting mad, be
定义: [俚语]怒火冲天, 异常震怒.
例句: My mom was rip-snorting mad when I came home drunk at 2 AM. (看到我喝得醉醺醺地清晨两点才回家, 我母亲异常震怒)

12. rise above, to
定义: 超越某事; 更加成熟, 更加包容, 不与其计较; 优越于, 脱颖而出.
例句: Listen, I know they get on your nerves, but you've got to rise above such belittling comments. (听我说, 我知道他们经常激怒你, 但是你必须要更加包容不计较这些贬低你的批评)

13. rise and shine!
定义: 起床啦. (注: 叫唤别人起床的习惯话)
例句: Come on, children! Rise and shine! We're going to the beach. (快点, 小朋友们! 起床啦! 我们马上要去海滩喽)

14. rise from the ashes, to
定义: 从废墟中再兴起; 浴火重生.
例句: A few months after the earthquake large sections of the city had risen from the ashes. (震灾发生了几个月后, 大片市区从废墟中被重建兴起)

15. rise from the dead, to
定义: 死而复活; 浴火重生; 从长久睡眠中苏醒过来.
例句: Tom didn't rise from the dead. He wasn't dead in the first place. (汤姆并没有死而复活. 他本来就没死)

16. rise from/through the ranks, to
定义: 从基层做起, 一路升迁.
例句: The only way you'll rise from the ranks here is by putting in enough time and hard work. (在这儿工作, 唯一的从基层岗位迈向高层的升迁之路就是投入足够的时间加上辛勤的工作)

17. rise in the world, to
定义: 出人头地, 升官, 致富, 地位提高.
例句: It's unsurprising how quickly Sarah has risen in the world when you consider that her tenacity and determination are only matched by her intelligence and talent. (如果你考虑到她所付出的毅力和决心和等量的智力和天赋运用,莎拉能够迅速地出人头地一点都不令人惊讶)

18. rise to power, to
定义: 掌权, 登上王位; 成为领导人.
例句: After the Han Dynasty fell in 220 AD, three warlords rose to power. Each of them claimed to be emperor and took control of a different region of China. (自从汉朝于公元220年灭亡后, 三名军阀崛起掌权. 他们各自称帝并且三分天下, 雄据一方)

19. rise to the bait, to
定义: 上钩, 上当; 受到诱惑, 对...动心或中计.
例句: That's just what he wants you to do. Don't rise to the bait! (那正是他想要你去做的事. 你别上当!)

20. rise to the challenge, to
定义: 临危授命, 表现惊人的才华, 发挥惊人力量面对挑战.
例句: I know that you're nervous about taking on such a senior role in the company, but I'm totally confident that you'll rise to the challenge. (我了解你对接受此等公司高级职务很紧张, 但我对你面对新挑战充满了信心)