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二十笔实用成语 1198

发表于 : 周三 5月 24, 2023 12:31 pm
二十笔实用成语 1198

01. work one's fingers to the bone, to
定义: 长时间辛勤工作.
例句: You have everyone working their fingers to the bone all day long. But you need to give them a break or they'll burn out. (你要每个人整天都拼命地工作. 但你应当让他们休息一下, 否则他们会做得心力交瘁)

02. work one's last nerve, to
定义: 一再被激怒, 极力压抑愤怒, 到了怒火爆发的边缘.
例句: Her sarcastic comments are really starting to work my last nerve. (她的冷嘲热讽真把我快气疯了)

03. work one's socks off, to
定义: 辛勤工作, 全力以赴.
例句: We worked our socks off to make the business succeed. (我们辛勤不懈地工作才使得这家公司获得成功)

04. work one's ticket, to
定义: 摸鱼; 找理由或装病以逃脱工作或责任.
例句: Tom's been trying to convince the military doctors of an underlying mental illness, in the hopes of working his ticket home. (汤姆一直试图让军医相信他患有潜在的精神疾病, 为得是希望能回家休养. 注: 意指汤姆一直想以病患的身分回家休养来逃避兵役责任)

05. work one's way up, to
定义: 爬升, 逐步地升迁.
例句: Jack started in the mail room, but worked his way up to one of the top lawyers at the firm. (杰克虽然从收发室工作开始, 但他逐步努力地爬升为公司的一名顶级律师)

06. work oneself up into a lather, to
定义: 令自己激动莫名, 焦虑不堪.
例句: I told Mom that we'll get there on time, but she's worked herself into a lather about us leaving behind schedule. (我告诉妈妈我们会准时到达那里, 但她对我们晚于预定时间的出发而焦虑不堪)

07. work oneself up, to
定义: 令自己激动或烦躁; (为做某事)做好心理上, 精神上的准备; (为做某事)鼓起勇气, 坚定信念.
例句: I can't just walk in there and ask for a raise. I have to work myself up to it. (我总不能就这样走进去, 要求加薪. 我得坚定自己的信念, 做好心理准备才去)

08. work out all right, to
定义: 成功, 做出满意的结局.
例句: I know things have been hard while you're looking for work, but everything will work out all right, I promise. (我知道你找工作这段时间过得很艰辛, 但我保证一切都会好转起来的)

09. work out, to
定义: 锻炼身体或运动; 得到不错的, 令人可接受的结果; 努力解决某事或达成协议, 解决方案或有利或可接受的结果; 制定或改进某事, 例如计划或战略; 总计; 努力地消除某物; 通过工作来还债; 耗尽某资源.
例句: I really hope Ron and Jenny can work out their issues. I can't imagine them apart. (我真的希望罗恩和珍妮能妥善解决他们之间的分歧. 我真无法想像他们分手是什么样子)

10. work outside the home, to
定义: 在家外的工厂, 办公室, 餐馆工作.
例句: He's very old-fashioned and thinks that women should not work outside the home. (他很守旧, 认为妇女不应该抛头露面, 外出工作)

11. work over, to
定义: 被痛骂或痛揍一顿; 彻底打败, 压制或支配某人; 被全面检查, 研究或处理; 修改或再重头做一遍以图改进.
例句: To be honest, your thesis is such a mess that I would suggest working it over from scratch. (老实说, 你的论文写得凌乱不堪, 我建议你还是再重头写一回吧)

12. work permit, a
定义: 工作许可证.
例句: The USCIS may investigate allegations against foreign nationals who are working without a work permit in the U.S. and will take action to prevent illegal employment. (美国公民及移民服务局可能会调查那些被指控没有工作许可证却在美国非法工作的外国人, 并将果决地发起防止非法就业的行动)

13. work someone over, to
定义: 暴打某人, 痛殴某人.
例句: The street thugs worked him over and he's never been the same since. (那些街头暴徒把他痛殴了一顿, 他从此就像变了一个人似的)

14. work the crowd/room, to
定义: 激发或娱乐观众; 与众人一一问好, 握手, 博得众人支持.
例句: The keynote speaker was late, so I had to work the crowd for a while to stall. (主讲人迟到了, 所以我不得不与众人一一问好来拖延时间)

15. work the land, to
定义: 务农工作; 耕耘土地.
例句: So, little by little, as farmers retire or give up working the land, these barns return to dust. (因此, 一点一滴地, 当农民退休或放弃务农的工作时, 这些谷仓又归于尘土)

16. work the oracle, to
定义: 以狡诈诡计制胜或占便宜; 巧取豪夺.
例句: In order to win that much money gambling, he must have worked the oracle. (想要在赌博中赢那么多钱, 他一定是做了什么手脚才有办法做到)

17. work the problem, to
定义: 积极寻找各种解决方案.
例句: Don't just complain that it's broken. Work the problem! (别只是抱怨它坏了. 解决问题吧!)

18. work things out, to
定义: 解决问题; 消弭纷争.
例句: If we sit down and talk this over, I am sure we can work things out. (我们如果坐下来好好谈一谈, 我相信我们能够把问题圆满地解决)

19. through back channels, to
定义: 经由幕后渠道.
例句: Both parties tried to revive the negotiations through back channels and exploratory talks but failed until the government terminated negotiations in April 2013. (双方都试图通过幕后渠道和探索性会谈来重启谈判, 但直到政府于2013年4月终止谈判才以失败告终)

20. work through, to
定义: 为了完成某项任务而持续参与; 勉为其难地把某事完成; 一面上大学一面工作赚钱; 在复杂的情况下取得进展; 在情感创伤中挣扎; 耗时耗力迫使某物穿过某种材料, 尤其是特别坚硬或不透水的材料.
例句: I worked my way through college as a waiter. (我在大学读书时是靠当服务员来养活自己. 注: 在美国, 许多本国大学生都是半工半读的, 因此他们读的时间较长, 而且中途弃学的人也很多, 所以美国大学的毕业率不算高)