二十笔实用成语 851

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二十笔实用成语 851

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二十笔实用成语 851

01. out of this world
定义: 极为令人愉快或令人激赏的; 卓越的, 超群的.
例句: The new dessert that she made last weekend was right out of this world! (她上周末做的那道新甜点真是非常香甜可口!)

02. out of touch
定义: 失去联络, 不再有接触; 脱离现实的; 搞不清楚状况.
例句: I'm not sure where Diane lives. We've been out of touch. (我不知道黛安住哪里. 我们已经失联了)

03. out of touch with reality
定义: 脱离现实.
例句: You just prove again you're out of touch with reality and no wonder you lose tons of customers this year. (你刚刚又再次证明你脱离了现实世界, 怪不得你今年损失了大量顾客)

04. out of true, be
定义: 位置(摆得)不正或不准; 不垂直, 不水平, 不平坦.
例句: The door doesn't close properly, it's slightly out of true. (这扇门关得不紧实, 它有点安装得不准确)

05. out of tune
定义: 与别人不同意见, 不和谐; 音调不对, 音调不和谐.
例句: They are out of tune with what the other members of the group think. (他们跟小组其他成员的想法不一致)

06. out of turn
定义: 不合乎秩序; 插队, 不守秩序; 发言不当, 说话时机不对; 在错误的时间, 在错误的地点, 鲁莽地.
例句: I hope I'm not talking out of turn, but I think we'd see a higher profit margin if we took better care of our employees' benefits. (我希望我发言的时机是适当的, 我认为如果我们更加照顾我们员工福利的话, 我们将会见到更高利润率)

07. out of wedlock
定义: 非婚生的; 父母不是合法结婚地. (注: 意指子女乃私生的)
例句: He was born out of wedlock; his Dad's family called off the wedding because they didn't like the area where his mother had grown up. (他是个私生子; 他父亲家族取消了他父母的婚礼因为他们不喜欢他母亲成长的地区)

08. out of whack
定义: 紊乱失序, 不像样, 不协调, 不和谐, 工作不顺利, 机器失灵, 怪异, 傻傻的.
例句: The mechanic thinks the carburetor might have been thrown out of whack in the collision. (这名修车技师认为引擎化油器可能因为汽车受到撞击之故造成它失灵)

09. out of wind
定义: 喘不过气来, 上气不接下气; 表面平整.
例句: After running the race I was out of wind. (赛跑之后我喘得上气不接下气)

10. out of work
定义: 失业, 没有工作的.
例句: Lyle is out of work, so he stays at home with his mom. (莱尔失业了, 因此他待在家里守着母亲)

11. out on a limb
定义: 没把握地猜测; 处于孤立无援; 进退维谷.
例句: Her hypothesis is really out on a limb – the facts don't support it at all. (她这个假设确实是没什么把握 – 完全缺乏事实的佐证)

12. out on bail, be
定义: 被保释出来.
例句: The former CEO was caught trying to flee the country while out on bail. (这名前任首席执行官在外保释期间试图逃亡到国外而被逮捕)

13. out on one's ear
定义: 被粗暴地斥退, 被人无礼地赶出去. (注: 原译是被人拎着耳朵赶出去)
例句: After 10 years of loyal service to that company, I'm out on my ear just because the new manager doesn't like me. (我给那家公司忠心耿耿地干了十年之后, 居然被粗暴地赶出来只因为这个新来的经理不喜欢我)

14. out on the piss, be
定义: [英国澳洲粗俗语]出门买醉, 到酒吧喝酒. (注: 这里的piss是尿的意思, 也意指去喝马尿或喝黄汤等喝酒俗称)
例句: My friends and I were out on the piss last night, so I hardly remember anything at all. (我朋友跟我昨晚出门买醉, 因此我什么都记不得了)

15. out on the town
定义: 享受夜生活, 寻欢作乐.
例句: On Saturday night, let's go out on the town and have a good time! (星期六晚上, 我们一起去享受一下夜生活, 玩个痛快吧!)

16. out the ass/butt/wazoo
定义: [粗俗语]过量地, 大量, 过度.
例句: Can't go out tonight, I've got work out the wazoo. (今晚不能出去, 我手边有大量的工作要做)

17. out there
定义: 那边, 某一处, 外面, 在那里; 怪异, 非传统, 奇特, 疯狂.
例句: My uncle Jerry is a little out there, but he's a really sweet guy. (我的杰瑞舅舅虽然有点怪异, 但他确实是个可爱的人)

18. out to do something, be
定义: 决心要...(例如报仇, 寻衅, 玩得尽兴等等).
例句: Stanley is all out to get a full-ride scholarship – that's why he's been involved in so many extracurriculars this year. (斯坦利决心要取得一份大学所有花费全包的全额奖学金– 这就是为什么他今年一直参与许多课外活动. 注: 这里的extracurriculars意为课外活动的形容词也可以作为名词使用)

19. out to get revenge
定义: 决心要报仇, 报复. (注: out在此是用为下定决心)
例句: Clearly she's a disgruntled former employee and she was out to get revenge and make people suffer because she lost her job. (显然地, 她是一名​​挟怨怀恨的离职员工, 因为她失去工作, 她决心要报复并且要这些人痛苦)

20. out to get you
定义: 有人决心要找你麻烦, 报复, 报仇.
例句: He has been out to get me ever since he learned that I was dating his ex-girlfriend. (自从我追求他的前女友之后, 他就一直想要找我的麻烦)



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